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Carlo Scotti created Pipa Castello in 1947 and has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship ever since. The work of the founder is now carried out by Franco Coppo. Castello pipes: Castello, Collection, Sea Rock, Old Antiquari, Trademark, Great Line have always been an absolute reference in quality.

Carlo Scotti created Pipa Castello in 1947, as a small artisan laboratory, with the control of a product technically and aesthetically at the absolute top of the "parameter" quality. It means working alone and is dedicated to the best briar. Today his work-passion continues unchanged under the direction of his daughter Savina and son-in-law Franco Coppo. The pipe: A smoking tool in the first place. But also an object sometimes aesthetically valuable. It might therefore seem that we have to speak separately of content, substance, functionality on the one hand, and form, aesthetic beauty on the other. The true beauty of a pipe is first of all a functional beauty. The pipe is used to burn tobacco. So he must endure very high temperatures inside his stove. It must therefore be installed first, used then, used precise ratios, measures, shapes in all its elements, both talking about the mouthpiece, its hole, its duct, like the torch, the pin and the stove. We certainly do not want a technical dissertation on the construction of the pipe here, but simply emphasizes how each individual Castle is designed and evaluated by evaluating and respecting all these elements.

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